Pirate Loses an Eye but Gains a Lifetime of Love

Pirate the gray cat sitting on an examination table

Pirate was a young kitten when his mom found him in a barn. She took in the sweet gray kitten and began caring for him. When Pirate developed a sore on his eye that would not heal, his mom brought him into Anicira. Upon examination, the doctors determined the only way to improve his health was to remove his eye. However, the surgery would have been an extreme financial burden on his mom. Left untreated, the sore could develop into a life threatening situation for Pirate.

With some help from a grant provided by the Banfield Foundation and funds from donors, Anicira was able to perform Pirate’s surgery at no cost to his mom. In addition to the eye removal surgery, we also provided Pirate with a reduced cost neuter procedure and free vaccines to help prevent future health concerns.

Pirate’s mom is incredibly grateful for the help she and Pirate received. She considers Pirate and her other pets to be her children. “They are my kids and they mean everything to me! They are very well loved.” Because of the veterinary care Pirate received, he’ll be able to share a lifetime of love with his mom.