Who We Are

A small brown dog sits at attention on the exam table.

Anicira is a non-profit veterinary service provider working to end animal suffering by improving access to veterinary care. Anicira provides free veterinary care and pet food to thousands of pets each year.
We believe that pets are important members of the family and should stay with their families who love them.

In all that we do, we work to improve the lives of cats and dogs. Our goal is to provide excellence and superlative quality in the care of our patients. This goal is reflected in the type of programs we offer, the collaborations we develop, and our willingness to help animals in need. Our team helps families care for their pets by making veterinary care affordable.

We utilize the highest standards of care to ensure the safety and comfort of each pet during his or her stay at the veterinary hospital.

Since opening, we’ve cared for more than 300,000 cats and dogs- from large feral cat colonies to 200 lb. Mastiffs and thousands of homeless shelter animals. We work together with animal welfare organizations both nonprofit and government-operated, small and large, to stop unnecessary euthanasia.

Each year we continue to advance our mission and improve the lives of animals in our community. Through our programs, we are helping to change the lives of many animals and their families, for the better.

How to Pronounce Anicira

Anicira (“An-eh-SEER-ah”)

Noun:  / ‘ӑn. Ə. Sir. Ə’ /  OR    / ‘æn. Ə. Sir. Ə’ /

Our name, Anicira, is derived from the combined Latin words for animal and care-  the two words that best describe what we do every day.


Our Locations


Anicira Harrisonburg offers affordable sick and well care, spay/neuter surgery, dentistry and oral surgery, and general surgery.
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Anicira Manassas offers affordable sick and well care, spay/neuter surgery, dentistry and oral surgery, general surgery, and orthopedic surgery.
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San Diego

Anicira San Diego offers affordable spay/neuter surgery, dentistry and oral surgery, general surgery, and vaccinations.
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Our History

In 2005, we opened our doors as Shenandoah Valley Spay/Neuter Clinic with a mission of providing affordable spay/neuter surgeries. Anicira has evolved over the years as a direct response to the needs of the community by expanding to offer a broader range of affordable services, including general surgery, dental and oral surgery, and primary care. In 2012, we opened a second location in Manassas to address the lack of access to veterinary care in Northern Virginia. In 2021, Anicira expanded our mission to California by opening an affordable veterinary surgerical hospital in San Diego.

In the 18 years since our opening, we have been honored to serve more than 300,000 pets!


Our Teams

Our team members make Anicira special. Driven by a passion for pets, our team of veterinary experts treats each pet with love and dignity.

Harrisonburg Team

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Manassas Team

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San Diego Team

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Our Values


Anicira is committed to serving animals and our community through veterinary services, education, outreach, shelter, care and protection programs to help animals live healthy lives in a safe environment.


End animal suffering.

Core Values

  • Believe in the inherent dignity of each animal.
  • Lead with compassion.
  • Partner with people


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Annual Reports

Anicira is committed to accountability and transparency in our finances. Our Annual Reports show how we are executing our mission each year.
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Media Contact

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Read the stories of some of the pets we’ve helped and catch up on animal wellness tips over at our blog.
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