In the Nick of Time: Daisy’s Story of Lifesaving Surgery

Daisy, a small dog with a colorful sweater, sitting on a chair

Daisy, a cherished member of her family, developed a serious and life-threatening uterine infection called pyometra. The diagnosis was dire, and her family was quoted a staggering $10,000 for lifesaving care at the emergency veterinary hospital. For Daisy’s family, this sum was simply out of reach.

Thinking there was nowhere left to turn, Daisy’s mom scheduled a euthanasia appointment. Luckily, she connected with Anicira and Daisy was able to receive affordable lifesaving surgery for a fraction of the cost she was quoted at another hospital

Daisy’s mom expressed profound gratitude for the timely intervention of Anicira. “I was so glad that I was referred to this organization. They saved my doggie’s life for only $600,” she shared. “Honestly, I think it’s a miracle because I had an appointment to have her euthanized. So basically, for the same amount of money to put my dog down, I was able to save her life.”