Prada Receives Emergency Surgery with Help of Sashi’s Fund

Medium sized white dog with censored back legs due to a ruptured mass on the abdomen resulting in a small amount of blood loss

Prada’s mom called in distress and tears when she discovered a tumor on Prada’s stomach had burst open and was bleeding heavily. Prada’s mom received information that the care she needed to survive would cost almost $4,000. Prada’s mom was desperate and scared. At Anicira, we were able to help Prada through Sashi’s Fund – a program designed to help pets in Northern Virginia access veterinary care. Our veterinary team removed the mass and spayed Prada. Both Prada and her mom were incredibly grateful for the care they received.  “I am forever grateful to all the surgeons, doctors, and nurses that took care of my heart for me,” said Prada’s mom. “She’s doing well so words couldn’t ever express my gratitude to everyone there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”