In 2005, we opened our doors with a mission of providing affordable spay/neuter surgeries. In the 15 years since opening, Anicira has expanded our services and now provides a full range of high quality, affordable veterinary care so that pets can live longer, happier and healthier lives. We have had the honor of serving more than 250,000 pets!

To celebrate this exciting milestone and all of those who made it possible, Anicira Veterinary Center in Harrisonburg gave away treats, gift cards, and service throughout the first 15 days of September. 

RTIC Cooler and Year Supply of Heartgard and Nexgard Winner

Congrats Heather Fincham for winning an RTIC Cooler and a year’s supply of Heartgard and Nexgard donated by Boehringer Ingelheim!

September 1: Gift bag giveaway

Every client who visited received a gift bag that included toys, treats, and snacks for both patients and pet parents!

September 2: Pets with ‘X’ or ‘V’ in their names received 15% off their services

In honor of our XV anniversary, pets who visited with the letters X or V in their names received 15% off their services. Pictured are Baxter and Pyxis, both of whom received the discount

September 3: Cookie Giveaway 

Clients were treated to delicious cookies from Paris Cake Company!

September 4: Grant Giveaway to our loyal partner, the Humane Society of Warren County

For 15 years, Anicira has provided a reduced fee biweekly transport program to Front Royal to help provide access to affordable veterinary care to area animal welfare organizations and families with cats and dogs. The Humane Society of Warren County has been a dedicated partner since the very beginning.

We awarded HSWC a grant to show our gratitude for the remarkable work that they do to improve the well-being of pets in their community. Through Anicira’s partnership with HSWC, access to affordable veterinary care has increased and thousands of pets and the families who love them have been helped as a result.

September 5: Local restaurant gift card giveaway

We gave away 15 gift cards worth $15 for people to eat at local restaurants! The giveaway took place on our Instagram page.

September 6: $50 PetSmart gift card giveaway

Congrats to Beth Hartman on winning the $50 PetSmart gift card giveaway!

September 7: Custom Face Mask Giveaway

Two lucky winners received custom face masks with their pets face on them.

September 8: Cupcake Giveaway

Fifteen lucky patients and their parents received delicious cupcakes from the Cupcake Company!

September 9: Smiley’s Ice Cream Giveaway

Smiley’s Ice Cream provided yummy treats to over 130 people who came and visited! 

September 10: Vaccine giveaway

We provided free rabies vaccines to pets who needed them!

September 11: $50 Petco gift card giveaway

Congrats to Haley Hudson for winning a $50 giftcard to Petco!

September 12 & 13: Gift card worth $150 of services at Anicira 

Congrats to Valerie Ferguson and Danette Hogan for winning Anicira gift card giveaways!

September 14: Free spay/neuter surgery to 15th client

Winnie was the 15th patient to check in for her spay procedures and received her surgery for free in honor of Anicira’s original mission of the goal of reducing the homeless pet population through increased access to spay/neuter procedures. Local shelters saw a 30% reduction in intake within the first five years and a 50% reduction in intake by the 10 year mark. Last year alone, we performed 16,921 spay/neuter surgeries.

September 15: Free microchip giveaway

We gave away free microchips to patients who needed them as our final 15 year anniversary giveaway!

Did you know that an estimated 10 million pets go missing each year in the United States*? With just a quick implant, microchips can help reunite pets who find themselves lost with their families. Last year alone, Anicira implanted 2,300 microchips. Has your pet been chipped?

*Statistic from American Humane Association

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