Despite coming from a large litter, Urgie was huge puppy. He was so large that foster Addison Roeschley thought he looked like he could eat a whole cheesesteak. Addison began calling him him Urgie, after Urgie’s Cheesesteaks, and the name stuck.

From there, the foster family named the litter after Downtown Harrisonburg businesses. The litter includes Shirley (named for Shirley’s Popcorn), Ruby (named for Ruby’s Arcade), Jack (named for Jack Brown’s), Jane (named for The Lady Jane Shop), Walker (named for Walkabout Outfitters), and Lola (named for Lola’s Delicatessen)

The litter, known as the Downtown Crew, took a tour on Saturday, July 11th around Downtown Harrisonburg to visit the businesses they are named after. They were joined by Harrisonburg’s Mayor Deanna Reed.