Clover was discovered after a harrowing encounter with a car that left her with a severe injury to her hind leg. The compassionate intervention of a Good Samaritan proved to be the turning point in her young life. They brought her to Anicira, where the dedicated team of professionals immediately went to work to provide the care she so desperately needed

At Anicira, Clover received extensive and free medical care, including the amputation of her injured leg. This life-saving surgery was the first step towards her remarkable recovery. The team at Anicira not only mended her physical wounds but also showered her with love, ensuring she felt safe and supported throughout her healing process.

In addition to her amputated leg, Clover was diagnosed with cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition affects her coordination, making her a little wobbly when she gets excited. However, it’s important to note that this condition does not impact the quality or length of her life. Despite this challenge, Clover’s spirit remains unbreakable, and she approaches each day with a zest for life that is truly heartwarming.

Clover’s story is a powerful reminder of the impact Anicira has on the lives of animals in need. Without our services, pets like Clover would have nowhere to turn. We rely on the support of compassionate individuals to continue their vital work.

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