Bruno, a four-month-old mixed-breed puppy, was experiencing severe gastrointestinal symptoms. Unable to afford care and desperate for help, Bruno’s family reached out to Anicira.

Thanks to compassionate donors like you, we were able to intervene and ensure Bruno received immediate care swiftly. At Anicira, Bruno was diagnosed with the deadly and highly contagious Parvovirus. He received the critical supportive care he needed, and after a week of hospitalization, he recovered from his illness. Now, Bruno is an active and healthy puppy because of the high-quality care he received!

Bruno’s illness could have been prevented with a simple and affordable vaccine. Sadly, many pets like Bruno suffer needlessly due to the lack of access to preventive care.

A donation of just $10 can provide a free vaccine to prevent a pet from experiencing the pain and suffering caused by devastating illnesses like Parvo.

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