Mama Cat and Kittens Saved During Emergency C-Section

Bobtail, a calico cat, lays on her back with 4 newborn kittens nursing

Bobtail had been laboring for over 24 hours. She gave birth to one live kitten but was struggling to deliver the remaining babies. Her dad rushed her to an emergency vet, but the cost of care there was prohibitively high. That’s when Bobtail’s dad reached out to Anicira.

When Bobtail arrived, the veterinary team found that the kittens within her womb were nonresponsive. However, during the emergency C-section, our incredible surgical team was able to revive three kittens. Both Mama Bobtail and her four babies are back home and doing great.

Anicira is able to provide affordable surgery because of support from our community.