Mittens Receives Lifesaving Surgery

Mittens, a gray and white tabby, with a cone on her head

Mittens is a sweet four-month-old cat that means the world to her family. “Mittens is the center of our family. She is the piece that holds us together bringing us so much joy and laughter,” her mom, Destiny, told us.

A couple of weeks ago, Mittens suddenly became severely ill. She was rushed to the emergency vet where her family stayed by her side all night; hoping and praying for a miracle. The doctors at the emergency clinic suspected that she may have ingested a foreign body and recommended surgery.

“When she got sick it was devastating and the worst helpless feeling I have ever felt!” Mittens’s mom said.

Exploratory surgery at an emergency veterinary clinic is a prohibitively expensive procedure, but Mittens’s family wanted desperately to get her the lifesaving care she needed. That’s when they contacted Anicira and made the drive from Maryland to our Harrisonburg hospital.

“God lead us to Anicira as soon as we walked in it was an overload of welcome and people who cared!” Mittens’s mom exclaimed. “The weight of fear was lifted and I could breathe again. The surgeon is truly amazing and I’m forever grateful for her she took mittens right back!”

Once under anesthesia, the surgeon evaluated Mittens’s abdomen and removed severely damaged parts of her intestines in order to save her life.

Mittens is back home with her family and enjoying a happy life once more.

“She is back to being our lap cat, giving us kisses, and sunbathing in windows!” Destiny shared. “It is truly a blessing that I found Anicira Veterinary. I truly believe they are the only ones that could have saved her life, and that’s why God guided us there!”

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