Emergency Surgery Saves Peach’s Life

After ingesting a sock, Peach became very sick and needed emergency surgery to removed it. Her family was faced with a heartbreaking decision: surrender her to get the care she needed or search for affordable options. Financially strained, they reached out to Anicira for help.
Thanks to the generosity of our amazing supporters, we provided Peach with lifesaving care. The foreign object was successfully removed, and Peach is now back with her loving family, who couldn’t be more grateful.

Her mom shared, “There are no words to express the gratitude we feel. My 7-year-old daughter has been praying, crying, and laughing as we shared memories of Peach while awaiting news. You’ve given me so many gifts today through your generosity. A rescued dog, a thanks-filled daughter who couldn’t fathom losing her best friend, and keeping our family complete.”

Thank you to everyone who supports Anicira, whether it’s through donations or by bringing your pets to our hospital. Your kindness makes stories like Peach’s possible