Maven’s Amazing Recovery

Maven, a black and white cat with bright green eyes, stares into the camera

At just one year old, Maven faced a life-threatening medical emergency: a urinary blockage. He arrived at Anicira on a Monday morning lethargic, breathing heavily and having not urinated since Friday. The graveness of his situation was apparent to all he encountered. 

Our team worked tirelessly to save Maven’s life, first by administering oxygen therapy then by successfully removing the blockage. Despite an initially uncertain prognosis, Maven was resilient and showed signs of recovery. Throughout the week-long hospitalization, he gradually regained his strength and his affectionate personality began to shine through once more.

Thanks to the exceptional care he received, Maven made a full recovery, much to the delight of everyone involved. Starting off weak and lethargic, by the time of his discharge, Maven had befriended every person who crossed his path.
Maven’s remarkable journey was made possible by our supporters and our Operation Free Pet Healthcare program. This initiative aims to provide accessible and affordable veterinary care to vulnerable pets in our community.