Helpful Tips to Keep Pets Happier and Healthier

Grey dog laying on exam table

Adding a four-legged family member can bring your family a great amount of joy. It is also a substantial responsibility to care for an animal. Below are some helpful tips that all pet parents should keep in mind.

Schedule A Check-Up With A Veterinarian

Pets should visit the veterinarian at least once a year. The physical exam could help you identify any medical concerns in their early stages. Not only will this help ensure that your pet is in good health; it could also save you money on their medical expenses by catching concerns early. Schedule your pet’s check-up at Anicira or email us.

Keep Your Pet At A Healthy Weight

It is commonplace for pet parents to unknowingly feed their pets too much food or give too many treats. Unfortunately, this can lead to obesity and a whole host of other health issues. You can prevent your four-legged family member from becoming overweight by feeding them a nutritious diet and keeping them physically active.

Let Your Pet Socialize With Other Animals

Many pets enjoy socializing with other animals. However, this is something that a pet parent may not realize if they do not have other animals. You can provide your pet with the socialization they need by setting up a playdate with someone in your life who also has a pet.