Activities to Keep Your Pet Entertained While Quarantined

Brody black and white pitbull mix with a red harness laying beside a yellow duck toy.

People are not the only ones who experience cabin fever when they are quarantined– pets have become restless as well! Pet owners can use this extra time at home to bond with their pets. Below are some activities that can keep you and your pet entertained while quarantined. 

Stay Physically Active

Staying indoors for a long period of time could encourage pet owners and their pets to live a sedentary lifestyle. Going for a walk with your dog is a good way for you and your furry friend to stay physically active as long as you practice social distancing precautions. If you have a fenced-in backyard, letting them run outside can help them incorporate exercise into their daily routine. 

Play With Toys & Puzzles

A pet’s mental health is just as important as their physical health. That being said, pet owners should encourage their pets to play with toys during this period of quarantine. In addition, puzzles can be a source of mental stimulation for dogs. 

Train Your Pet

Some pet owners have put off training their pets simply because they didn’t have enough time on their hands. This excuse is now a thing of the past! Now is the perfect time to train your pet or teach them a new skill.