Four Tips for Pet Safety on the Fourth of July

With Fourth of July celebrations kicking off, pet parents should make preparations to keep their pets safe, happy, and healthy. The time period around the Fourth of July holiday sees more pets go missing than any other time of the year due largely to the stress caused by fireworks exploding. Many of the products used during Independence Day picnics can be dangerous and deadly for pets. Here are four helpful tips to keep your pet safe on the Fourth of July. 


Tip 1: Leave your pet at home in an escape-proof area

Loud firework displays can be very overwhelming for pets and the stress may cause them to attempt an escape. Don’t bring your pet to a firework show. Instead, leave them in a safe and quiet area in your home where they cannot escape. Closing the blinds and playing soothing noises can help ease the anxiety brought on by the fireworks.


Tip 2: Make sure your pet has proper identification

In the case your pet does get lost, make sure they have a tag with your information on it so that they can easily be reunited. Keep an up-to-date photograph of your pet with you. Consider getting your pet microchipped to make sure they are always identifiable. 


Tip 3: Be mindful of your pets around the grill

It can be tempting to give your pet a delicious treat from your Fourth of July picnic. However, many foods that are fine for humans can make a pet very sick. For example, chocolate, grapes and avocados are toxic to dogs and the seeds from watermelon can cause a blockage. It is safest to feed your pet their normal meal. 

The smell of a grill cooking meat can be tantalizing to a four-legged family member. Make sure they stay away from any flames, lighter fluid, matches, or charcoal. Avoid giving meat drippings to pets because the high fat content can make a pet sick. Make sure your pets can’t get into any alcohol as it is very dangerous and deadly for them. 


Tip 4: Keep your pet safe from toxic products

Many products humans use to keep away pesky insects can be dangerous for dogs. Citronella products can cause irritation to a pet’s skin and insect repellants designed for human use, especially those containing DEET, are unsafe for a pet. Tiki torch oil and insect coils also pose a risk to your pet’s health.

Your pet may look adorable wearing glow in the dark jewelry; however, the chemicals that make the jewelry glow are highly toxic to pets.

Pets should never be around fireworks. A lit firework can harm a pet severely by burning them. Substances used to create fireworks, such as arsenic, are deadly to pets. Make sure pets can’t access unused fireworks and clean up the leftover debris after the fireworks are used.