Dio’s Life Saved by Excellent Care & Sashi’s Fund

Dio, a brown tabby

Dio’s dad first noticed something was wrong when his beloved pet struggled to urinate. Suspecting a UTI, he took Dio to his primary care veterinarian. There, they discovered that Dio was suffering from bladder stones. However, the cost of treatment was a significant concern.

With limited financial options, Dio’s dad was referred to Anicira. A payment plan was arranged, allowing Dio’s dad to cover $1,500 of the treatment cost. Anicira, through the generous support of Sashi’s Fund, covered the remaining $1,299.

Reflecting on his experience, Dio’s dad expressed profound gratitude, stating, “Basically saved me from the death of my baby boy and debt. I am so happy and will be singing their praises and referring anyone I know.”