Brutus Benefits From Affordable Mass Removal Surgery

Brutus, a small tan Chihuahua

Brutus’s mom rescued him from the streets of El Cajon. He was weaving in and out of traffic, but his soon-to-be mom Linda skillfully caught him and brought him home. That was almost four years ago and, since then, Brutus has become Linda’s baby.

About two months ago, Brutus developed a mass. “He was so uncomfortable, and he had an odor which was unbearable at times, so I would sleep with him in the living room,” Linda shared.

Linda is a student without a steady income, so she searched online for a high-quality and affordable veterinary. That’s when she connected with us here at Anicira. Linda set up a payment plan and brought Brutus in for surgery.

“I was so nervous and scared, he’s my little boy and I prayed everything would go well. I felt the overwhelming kindness and love of your staff on that day when I brought Brutus in.”

Brutus’s surgery went great and now he can live a much comfortable life with the family who loves him.

“Everyone was so kind and amazing! I will recommend Anicira to all my friends with pets. This truly was life changing for our family. I want to thank everyone for their service that day during Brutus Surgery. We love you and God Bless!”