Behind the Scenes at Anicira’s Pet Food Pantry

Behind every bag of pet food handed out at Anicira’s Pet Food Pantry is a story of dedication, compassion, and hard work. As you read this, thousands of pets in our community are relying on us to ensure they don’t go hungry. But the efforts extend far beyond just distributing food – it’s a labor of love that involves countless hours, miles traveled, and resources invested.
Meet Dan Chavez, Anicira’s Operation Coordinator, and the driving force behind our pet food pantry. Alongside a team of 15 devoted volunteers, Dan oversees the monumental task of loading, unloading, and reloading 18,000 pounds of pet food every single month. Despite the physical challenges, Dan and his team remain unwavering in their commitment to the cause.
“It’s hard work but it’s worth every effort to ensure that no pet goes hungry,” Dan shared.

Each month, an Anicira team member drives 600 miles to pick up 18,000 pounds of food from a community partner. Between truck rentals and gas, these trips cost us $1,000.  It’s a necessary expense to ensure our shelves remain stocked for those in need.

Once the team member returns with the food, a group of 10 volunteers and team members gather at the pet food pantry to unload the supplies. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, or 90 degrees and humid; the group works hard for over two and a half hours, knowing that every bag of food unloaded means another pet will be fed.

“Some of our pet food pantry clients are the hardest working volunteers who answer the call when we ask for help.”

Our pet food pantry serves over 150 families a month, with loving pet parents lining up as early as 5am, eager to provide for their pets. By 10:30, all food is distributed, leaving the pantry empty but ensuring that all pets have a full bowl of food.

Every action taken at the pet food pantry, every dollar donated, is crucial in our mission to ensure no pet goes hungry. For just $25, you can feed a pet for three months. With your support, we can continue to nourish the pets that bring so much joy and companionship to our lives.

Together, we can make a difference, one bag of food at a time. Please consider donating today.

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