Affordable Surgery Save Maddie’s Life

Maddie was adopted from the San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center nine years ago and has been a beloved member of her family since. About a year and a half ago, Maddie was diagnosed with bladder stones. After a diet change and antibiotics were unsuccessful, Maddie’s family scheduled an appointment for a cystotomy surgery. Dr. Holly Bock performed the surgery and removed a plethora of stones!

Maddie’s family is grateful for the affordable surgery she received.

“Our experience with Anicira and the Vet has been amazing. The center is clean, inviting, and organized. The staff provided excellent and compassionate service. The cost of the surgery was affordable, unlike other vet hospitals or clinics that charge enormous amounts making it impossible for us to get Maddie surgery” Maddie’s mom wrote.

Maddie is feeling much much better and sleeps soundly now that the bladder stones have been removed.

“We thank Anicira for being there for Maddie. She feels so much better now and sleeps soundly at night.”