Emergency Surgery Extends Boss’s Life

Boss, a handsome Beagle mix with a graying snout.

Anicira’s Operation Free Pet Healthcare program is designed to support pets and the people who love them. When Boss, a 10-year old Beagle mix and Operation Free Pet Healthcare client, became severely ill, his mom rushed him to Anicira.

Boss was experiencing vomiting and a complete loss of appetite. After a thorough examination and radiographs, it was discovered that he had a cancerous splenic mass. Thanks to the dedicated care provided by Anicira’s surgical team, Boss’s life was extended, and he returned to us days later for his post-operative exam full of joy and vitality.

It is essential to acknowledge that the care we offer to pets like Boss goes beyond merely saving lives; it profoundly impacts the lives of the people who love them. As expressed by Boss’s mom, “I am a disabled senior citizen, and my dogs have rescued me more than I have rescued them. As my health has deteriorated, they have given me unconditional love, companionship, and a sense of normalcy. Since my income has declined with my health, Anicira has enabled me to continue giving them the care they deserve.”