Donations at Work: Snickers’ Story

Snicker the red dog lays in bed

Snickers was experiencing extreme pain when he arrived at Anicira. The 15 lb. Wire Haired Dachshund’s back was hunched so severely that his body made a U shape. Snickers’ family initially took him to an emergency veterinary clinic but were unable to afford the diagnostics and treatment needed to heal Snickers. Thanks in part to a generous grant from The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg Rockingham County, Anicira was able to provide Snickers care without financially burdening his family.

Our veterinarians examined Snickers and diagnosed him with intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) – a painful disease caused by the breakdown of discs in the spine. Small dog breeds, particularly Dachshunds, are prone to IVDD. Without proper care, the disease can lead to paralysis. The veterinarians at Anicira developed a treatment plan for Snickers which included pain medication and restricted exercise so that his back can heal. Snickers is feeling much better and his family is glad to have their best friend back at home with them.