Donations at Work: Gojo Is Rescued and Adopted

Gojo is a young orange cat wearing a bright orange wrap on one of his front legs.

Gojo was a small 8-week old stray kitten when he was found with an extremely swollen leg. A caring client brought into Anicira knowing that he needed immediate help. At first, the veterinary team thought Gojo may have a broken bone and that surgery would be necessary. After extensive evaluation, we discovered the swelling was caused by an infection in his leg, rather than a broken bone. Infections like Gojo’s can become even more widespread causing further illness and possibly even death if untreated. Luckily for Gojo, he found his way to Anicira in time and was started on medication to help the healing process. Gojo is getting better and better each day and was adopted by Dr. Bond, the veterinarian who treated him. Now he has the opportunity to live a full and wonderful life thanks to the support of donors.