Donations at Work: Fendiline’s Fur is Treated with Help from Sashi’s Fund

Fendiline the dog is treated by an Anicira technician for his skin condition

Over the past three months, Fendiline progressively started losing her hair. Her mom knew that she needed care but could not find an affordable veterinary hospital that could help.

After arriving at Anicira, our veterinarians ran tests on Fendiline’s skin and eyes and performed a comprehensive exam. She was diagnosed with a bacterial skin infection as well as an eye infection. Fendiline was able to receive medications to treat these conditions thanks in part to Sashi’s Fund.

Sashi’s Fund is a program founded by Anicira’s President and CEO Cate Lemmond that assists pets in Northern Virginia access veterinary care. The fund is named in memory of Sashi, a rescue dog who faced a life of severe neglect before being adopted.