Cat Abandoned in Motel Finds Her Forever Home with Rescuer

A brown tabby with green eyes looking out of a cat carrier
Ladybug’s dad has always had cats. Even though he was in the military and moved often, he has always enjoyed companionship of his cats anywhere he went.
Until recently, he was the happy pet parent to two cats and was not looking to add any new family members. But that soon changed when a motel owner asked if he could help remove a cat that had been abandoned in a room. The cat was stressed and fought hard to evade. He patiently visited the abandoned cat at the motel and fed her until she was calm enough and trusted him to take her home.
He contacted Ladybug’s original family but they never came to get her nor did they send her health records. He decided to put Ladybug up for adoption but the day he was supposed to meet a potential adopter it became apparent that he was very attached and couldn’t let her go. Ladybug had already found her forever family with him. “I’ve gotten attached to her, she’s gotten attached to me.”
Ladybug visited Anicira to ensure she was vaccinated and to begin flea and tick preventatives. Upon examining Ladybug, the doctor found that she had an ear infection. Thanks in part to the Hildred Neff Foundation grant from The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, Ladybug received vaccinations, parasite preventatives, and medication for her ear infection without financially burdening her dad. Ladybug’s dad is thankful for the help he and his cats have received.