From the Danger Zone to a Cozy Home: The Story of Kenny Loggins the Cat


Meet Kenny Loggins, named after the legendary singer of “Danger Zone.” His life began as an adventurous outdoor cat, but took an unexpected turn one year ago on the very day of the 2023 Great Community Give.

A community member stumbled upon a colony of sick cats while biking in Rockingham County. He brought kittens from the colony to Anicira and alerted our team about the situation. Immediately, we connected with the colony’s caregiver and began trapping cats. Kenny was one of the cats trapped, neutered, vaccinated, and returned.

In the following months, Kenny became a familiar face at our hospital. He returned for an eye removal surgery and a dentistry procedure. Before his dentistry procedure, he weighed a mere 6 pounds. After recovering fully, he is now up to a healthy weight!

Recognizing his special needs and the care he required during his recovery, Dr. Chelsea Akers, one of our dedicated veterinarians, welcomed Kenny into her home. Kenny now lives like a king. He’s almost 11, an ex-community cat with one eye and four teeth – but he’s finally getting the love and care he has always deserved.

Kenny received free care as part of our larger effort to care for community cats. Last year alone, we trapped, vaccinated, spayed, and neutered more than 500 cats to help minimize the number of homeless pets entering shelters.

Additionally, we provided advanced surgeries to dozens of cats, all with the goal of reducing the suffering of these often overlooked animals.