Anicira’s Pet Food Pantry Helps Local Pets Avoid Hunger

Volunteers stand with bags of pet food in hand while restocking the pet food pantry.

With recent economic hardship, Anicira’s pet food pantry is serving more pets than ever. Last year, we provided 293,066 nutritious meals to pets in our community. We expect to serve over 300,000 meals this year.

Anicira’s pet food pantry started in 2007 after a man walked through a strong snowstorm into Anicira’s clinic. The clinic was not open, but an employee was there and let him in. He had fallen on hard times and told us his pets hadn’t eaten in days. We made sure his pets were able to eat, and since then, have helped thousands of other pets avoid hunger through our Pet Food Pantry.

A donation of just $25 provides three months of nourishing meals to a hungry pet. Donate now to ensure that no pet in our community goes hungry.