Harrisonburg, VA (February 9, 2021) –  Anicira is pleased to announce that Hospital Administrator Melissa Gilligan has earned the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) designation. 

CVPM certification is achieved by those who demonstrate the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully manage the ever-changing operations of today’s veterinary practices.

The CVPM program is a three-part process based on veterinary practice management experience, achievements and knowledge. The examination tests relevant management knowledge in human resources, law and ethics, marketing, organization of the practice and finance. Among veterinary practice leaders, the CVPM designation is recognized to represent the highest level of credential. The examination is offered electronically and is accessible to CVPM candidates across North America. 




About Anicira

Anicira is committed to serving animals and our community through veterinary services, education, outreach, shelter, care and protection programs to help animals live healthy lives in a safe environment. We envision a community free of homeless and neglected pets and work to end to unnecessary euthanasia. To learn more about Anicira, please visit anicira.org

About the VHMA

About the VHMA The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc. (VHMA) is an international professional association, created in 1981, to support individuals in veterinary practice management. Its guiding principles include the pursuit of excellence in practice management, opening channels of communication and networking among practices. For more information about the CVPM program, visit VHMA at www.vhma.org