Harrisonburg Staff

Cate Lemmond


Cate is founding President and CEO of the Anicira Veterinary Centers.  Since starting in this position in January of 2005, Cate has worked to improve the lives of people and animals in Virginia.   During this time, the clinics have seen major growth both in the number of animals served and the breadth of services provided.  Cate received a MS in public policy and animals from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and a BA in government from the University of Virginia. Cate is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) as well as a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM). She shares her life with her three mixed breed adopted dogs Bernadette, Liliana and Louie.

Julie Bullock, DVM

Veterinarian In Charge

Dr. Bullock received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. During a typical day at work, she can be found in the surgery or dentistry suite- two of her favorite places at Anicira. Dr. Bullock’s affinity for surgery was discovered at an early age. She would spend hours playing the game Operation including in the back seat of the car on road trips. Dr. Bullock loves working with animals at Anicira because she can perform surgery and other procedures that help the animals and often save their lives. Dr. Bullock shares her life with four horses, four dogs, three cats.  In addition, she has a pet rescue chicken named Stich who has traveled up and down the East Coast with her. Dr. Bullock enjoys competing and vetting endurance rides. When not participating in endurance rides, her favorite place to leisurely ride her horses is North River Gorge.

Whitney Eure, DVM

Dr. Eure graduated from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout his years as a Veterinarian, he has enjoyed inspiring others, providing high quality care to animals in need and focusing on helping both pets and their families live better lives.  Dr. Eure shares his life with a dog named Shashta and a cat named Gandalf. During his time not in surgery, he loves to go whitewater kayaking especially at Watauga River Gorge and he has kayaked through the Grand Canyon a total of four times- 227 miles each trip!

Laura Kivlighan, DVM

Dr. Kivlighan graduated from UVA with a degree in biology and fulfilled her life-long dream of becoming a Veterinarian by receiving her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, otherwise known as Virginia Tech. Dr. Kivlighan’s day is never the same and she loves it that way.  She enjoys seeing pets for routine preventive care, when they are sick and have emergencies. In her off-time, she enjoys being by the water with her dogs and scuba diving. She has six dogs that are, in her opinion, the cutest and funniest dogs ever. Dr. Kivlighan enjoys seeing the love between a pet parent and their animals and engaging with them in a meaningful way.

Anna Artale, DVM

Dr. Artale graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry. She then  received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Artale enjoys treating patients for the wide variety of reasons that they visit Anicira. She is most interested in soft-tissue surgery and dentistry procedures. When she is not at work, Dr. Artale spends her time riding four-wheelers and kayaking in local rivers. She enjoys spending time with her family and taking her nieces and nephew fishing and crawfishing. Dr. Artale shares her life with two beloved dogs Biddy, a 12 year old Saint Bernard, and Dori, a 3 year old chocolate Poodle mix.

Melissa Gilligan

Hospital Adminstrator

As Practice Manager, Melissa spends most of her time making sure daily operations run smoothly. She enjoys creating a welcoming environment where clients feel happy.  While adopting her first dog, Melissa quickly realized she wanted to work with animals and has been working in veterinary medicine ever since. When she is not keeping everything in check at the Veterinary Center, she loves spending time with her significant other, two dogs, and three cats. In the warmer months, Melissa loves grilling chicken and zucchini on the charcoal grill and creating new tasty recipes.

Dan Chavez

Operations Coordinator

Dan graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Political Science and two minors in International Relations and History. When he is not working, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, building fun things for his two boys, having outdoor movie night and visiting the local breweries with his dogs Tucker, Flash and Aurie.  Dan also has three cats, Monty, Abigail, Wednesday and usually a foster cat too. Flash, an Anicira Alum, considers himself more person than dog and loves to sit on the arm of a couch. Dan loves seeing the transformation of animals as they move through a recovery process, whether it be from illness, injury or abandonment.

Brittney Hoover, LVT

Lead Licensed Veterinary Technician

Brittney received her B.A. in Animal Science in 2005 from Morehead State University and went on to receive her M.S. in Agricultural Education in 2008 from Virginia Tech. When Brittney was a young girl, she would travel with her father who is an x-ray engineer to visit many different veterinary practices.  This is when her interest in veterinary medicine began. Brittney began her professional experience working in a large animal practice focusing on horses. Brittney and her husband enjoy skiing locally at Bryce and Massanutten Resorts, relaxing at the beautiful Cave Ridge Vineyard and golfing when the weather is nice. They share their lives with their two cats Inky and Charlie and their border collie mix May. Brittney most enjoys assisting with soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries and loves seeing the pet have a positive transformation and successful recovery. 

 Molly Muldoon, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Originally from Ohio, Molly graduated from Columbus State Community College with an AAS in Veterinary Technology. While earning her degree, Molly worked as a Veterinary Assistant and dog trainer.  Molly’s favorite work-related responsibilities are running diagnostics specifically parasitology, helping families learn more about how to care for their pet and working in dentistry where she loves the satisfaction of improving a patient’s quality of life while creating pretty white smiles.  She realized her love for animals while growing up working with horses. To be able to work with animals as a full-time career in veterinary medicine, she became a Veterinary Technician. During her time off, Molly enjoys hiking with her dogs Jake, Scruffy and Torch, going birding at the JMU arboretum, and spending time with friends and her two cats Wolly and Rhonda Lee. One of Molly’s favorite funny dog stories that that one of her dogs is scared of Christmas trees and caused a memorable holiday by trying to be festive.

Kelsey Stephens, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kelsey received an Associate Degree in Applied Science with a major in Veterinary Technology from Blue Ridge Community College.  Kelsey always knew she wanted to work with animals and enjoys being an advocate for her patients. Kelsey likes spending time with her wife, watching action and comedy movies, reading mystery and sci-fi books, playing video games and spending time with their dog Rumple and cat Freya. Kelsey’s favorite part of working at Anicira is being able to help our animal welfare partners and working with feral cats. 

Karen Yowell, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Karen received her AAS in Veterinary Technology from Blue Ridge Community College. Karen loves serving our clients and patients at Anicira so much that she drives an hour each day to work. Growing up, Karen would bring home animals that needed care and would work tirelessly to save them. She believes that we are the voice for animals and loves being able to help them in any capacity. During her free time, she enjoys hiking at Bear Church- a 12 mile hike!, kickboxing, and watching movies with her husband and two teenagers. Karen has a rescue chihuahua named Ruru and a cat named Optimus Prime.

Jessi Vint, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Jessi attended Bridgewater College where she received a bachelor degree in biology and later attend Blue Ridge Community College where she earned her AAS in Veterinary Technology. From a very young age, Jessi has loved animals. Her favorite part of working at Anicira is that the focus is on the patient’s health and well-being above all else. In her free time, Jessi likes to garden, to watch and play sports, and to listen to music. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and her seven rescue pets.

Lauren Landram, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Lauren received her AAS in Veterinary Technology from Blue Ridge Community College and joined the team at Anicira in Fall of 2020. She has been an animal lover from a very young age. As a kid, Lauren brought home many animals to care for. Lauren spends her free time working with cattle and helping harvest crops on her family’s farm. She has a yellow Labrador named Paisley. When she’s not working with animals, she enjoys visiting local wineries and breweries.  

Rachel Mirabelli

Lead Veterinary Nurse

After working in South Carolina for several years as a receptionist and Veterinary Technician, Rachel moved to Virginia and has continued her career in veterinary medicine.  Her favorite part of working with the animals is seeing the joy they bring to their families. Rachel has three dogs Cooper, Luna and Milo and and spends her weekends with her husband hiking in the Shenandoah National Park, going to breweries or her favorite vineyard Barren Ridge.  

Haley Brazeau

Resource Center Supervisor

Haley has always had a passion for helping animals. She thrives in this field of work where she is able to be a voice for the animals and help care for them. Each day, Haley works in various capacities to help the Veterinary Center run smoothly. When she is home, she enjoys game night with her family, going to amusement parks and playing with her three cats Moe, Momma and Puff. Haley considers the work she does to be very rewarding and it is what drives her passion for animal welfare.

Kelly Vandemark-Stratton

Client Service Representative

Kelly has always had a passion for caring for animals and this is apparent in both her work and personal life. Kelly received her BA in History and Studio Art from JMU.  She has two dogs, Cullen and Ellie, an Anicira alum. Kelly and her husband can’t watch movies or shows with animals because one of her dogs will bark until the animal isn’t on the screen anymore. During the day at Anicira, she loves helping clients. Her friendly personality makes her relatable to both the two and four legged creatures that walk through Anicira’s doors.

Jennifer Holgate

Senior Animal Care and Adoption Specialist

Jennifer believes she shares a special and strong connection with animals. Throughout her life, she has tried different career paths but found her true calling by working with dogs and becoming a certified dog trainer.  This led her to working with shelter dogs at the adoption center which she enjoys because she is able to watch them form a human-animal bond. She loves the feeling of gaining trust and building confidence in a dog that was scared or neglected. Jennifer enjoys spending time learning each dog’s individual personality and gaining a better understanding of the reasons behind their behaviors so that she can help them to overcome any challenges they may be facing.  At home, Jennifer has four dogs, three cats, two rabbits, three goats and a cockatiel. Jennifer spends her free time outdoors whether that be hiking, swimming or just spending time in nature. She grew up one of six kids in a very musical family and taught herself how to play the guitar, mandolin and banjo. Jennifer believes that every dog deserves a chance and is happy to be working at a no-kill shelter.