T.C. Receives Lifesaving Surgery After Urinary Blockage

T.C., a black at with bright green eyes, sits on the treatment table cradled by an Anicira team member

For pet families already facing financial difficulties, veterinary care can be unattainable, causing a pet to suffer from prolonged illness, pain, or premature death. Our community assistance programs increase access to care by providing free and subsidized comprehensive services.

Donations helped save the life of pets like T.C., a handsome four-year-old black cat who lives with his dad and two feline siblings. T.C. previously had a urinary blockage and was once again straining to use the litterbox. Upon evaluation, our medical team determined that T.C. was blocked and needed immediate treatment to save his life. The surgical team performed a perineal urethrostomy to prevent future blockage. T.C.’s life was saved, and his dad was incredibly grateful.

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