Resuscitating Roxy

A woman pets Roxy the white dog

Roxy arrived at Anicira lifeless. Her mom did not know what caused such a rapid decline. She was scared her best friend of six years might not make it through the night.

After extensive diagnostics, it was determined that Roxy had Leptospirosis. The deadly disease is caused by consuming the  Leptospira bacteria that is found in contaminated water sources such as ponds, lakes, or streams. Because of the Rachael Ray Save Them All Grant from Best Friends Animal Society, Anicira was able to save Roxy’s life by medicating and hospitalizing her. 

Roxy’s mom initially contacted an emergency clinic who couldn’t do much to help her and was recommended to call us. We were able to work with her immediately. Roxy’s mom could not be more grateful for the help both she and Roxy received.