Resilience and Recovery: Tigger’s Tale of Hope and Healing Through Anicira’s Feline Fund

Left image: Tigger, a young gray tabby kitten with a bright green cast covered in a pumpkin and a bat, pushes his head into a hand. Right image: Tigger in his cast cuddle up in a flannel blanket.

Meet Tigger, a sweet six-month-old kitten who faced a frightening ordeal Wednesday evening when he was struck by a car. Recognizing her beloved pet’s distress, Tigger’s mom rushed him to Anicira yesterday to get him the urgent care he needed.

Tigger’s unfortunate accident resulted in a fractured leg, necessitating immediate attention. Here at Anicira, Tigger received pain medication, radiographs, and was carefully fitted with a splint to aid in his recuperation.  cherished feline companions. 

We were able to help Tigger through our Feline Fund initiative. This specialized program is tailored to offer families in need access to life-changing veterinary services for their

Thanks to the support of compassionate individuals like you, Tigger received vital veterinary care that relieved his pain and will allow him to heal from his injuries. Your contributions played a pivotal role in Tigger’s journey towards healing.

Your generosity towards Anicira goes beyond one remarkable kitten’s story. It empowers us to be a lifeline for pets like Tigger, ensuring they receive the life-saving care they deserve.

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