Referral Stories: Foreign Body Removal Surgery Saves Jack Daniels’ Life

Jack Daniels was rushed to the emergency veterinarian after his mom witnessed him eating a blanket and vomiting. He had a history of consuming items he wasn’t supposed to and had already undergone two foreign body removal surgeries. The doctors at the emergency veterinarian confirmed that Jack Daniels once again had an obstruction and needed an exploratory laparotomy. His mom had financial concerns, so the emergency hospital referred Jack Daniels to Anicira.

At Anicira, our surgical team removed a hard plastic toy and pieces of a blanket. Jack Daniels’ life was saved because of the partnership between Anicira and other veterinary hospitals.

Unexpected veterinary expenses can be devasting for a family who is already struggling financially. At Anicira, we work with pet families to ensure veterinary care is accessible and affordable to all pets in need.