Petco Love and Anicira Host Free Pet Vaccination Event

As Part of Petco Love’s Initiative to Provide 1 Million Free Pet Vaccines, Anicira Hosted a Vaccine Event on March 26 in Harrisonburg

Small Yorkie named Lilah received free vaccines

Anicira provided free vaccinations for 194 cats and dogs in our community. The free vaccines are made possible through Petco Love’s new national vaccination initiative, which is providing 1 million free pet vaccines to its existing animal welfare partners, including Anicira, for family pets in need.

Parvovirus and distemper in dogs, and panleukopenia in cats, are some of the most prevalent deadly diseases impacting pets that are preventable with a simple vaccine. To address this critical need, Anicira and Petco Love are partnering to make pet vaccines free and accessible in an effort to ensure the health and wellness of our beloved pets.

 Vaccines distributed through this initiative were the DAPPv Canine, HCP Feline, and Rabies vaccines.

“Because of Petco Love’s generous contribution, we can offer vaccines that offer protection against deadly viruses at no cost to pet parents,” said Cate Lemmond, President and CEO of Anicira. “We encourage pet parents to take advantage of this great opportunity to help improve the well-being of their cats and dogs. 

“It is heartbreaking when any pet suffers or dies from a disease that could have been prevented. It is further exacerbated when unvaccinated pets come into busy shelter kennels, where these deadly diseases can spread quickly, resulting in multiple deaths, skyrocketing expenses, and hindering saving pet lives,” said Susanne Kogut, Petco Love President. “By creating greater awareness and making this crucial preventative care more accessible to pets not currently receiving these life-saving vaccines, we can prevent the dangerous spread of disease.” 

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