How far would you go to save your pet’s life?

Two photos of Cricket, a black and white cat with bright green eyes

For Cricket’s mom, she was willing to go however far it took to save her beloved family member. Cricket was diagnosed with a cancerous mass her leg and her mom drove all the way from Massachusetts – a 14-hour round trip – to Anicira’s Manassas hospital.

“I truly can’t say enough good things about Anicira. I live in Massachusetts, and my cat Cricket developed a nasty tumor in her hind leg joint. I was looking at euthanizing her because she couldn’t go on with the damage the tumor was causing. I was quoted anywhere from $2800 – $5000 for amputation and that was something I could not do. Through a relative, I heard about Anicira, and I gave them a call.

I ended up making the 7-hour drive to VA from MA to have them do the procedure. They were extremely professional, compassionate and thorough. And the cost was substantially lower than all of the other quotes I was given. I would do it all over again, and I will recommend Anicira to anyone. Thank you so much for saving Cricket’s life and giving me more time with her.”

Now that Cricket has recovered from surgery, she is once again happy and energetic.

“I named her Cricket because she would always chirp at me. She stopped doing that when she was so sick with the tumor, and now she’s doing it again. Her eyes are bright, her coat looks good. I don’t know the long-term outcome of course, but for now she has a new lease on life and both of us (she and I) are extremely happy and grateful.”

For Cricket and many other families, Anicira is the only affordable option to save their pet’s life. Patients from 9 states traveled to our hospitals in 2022. Support our mission to end economic euthanasia by donating now.

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