Anicira Veterinary Center of San Diego Opening in October

Anicira is excited to announce the opening of a new location in San Diego, California. The veterinary center will offer spay/neuter services, general surgery, dentistry and oral surgery, and vaccinations. By opening a veterinary center in San Diego, Anicira hopes to reduce animal suffering and unnecessary euthanasia by allowing pet parents an affordable option for veterinary surgery.

Anicira Veterinary Center of San Diego will be run by the newly named Chief Veterinary Medical Officer Dr. Megan Oelstrom. Dr. Oelstrom has been involved with Anicira since October 2013. She started as an associate veterinarian at the Manassas hospital helping the practice to grow and helping countless pets and their families. 

The veterinary center is scheduled to open on October 4th, 2021. Click here to learn more about the clinic.