Affordable Surgery Saves Lives: Lucy’s Story

Lucy, a brown Lab, stand with a happy look on her face in front of a fire place

Every day, pets with treatable conditions face the threat of euthanasia due to high veterinary costs. At Anicira, we provide affordable veterinary services, so no family has to choose between getting care for their beloved pet and euthanasia.

With your support, we can help pets like Lucy live longer, happier, and healthier lives.

“The veterinarians and staff at Anicira saved my dog’s life. Our beloved 8-year old chocolate lab Lucy was diagnosed with a massive growth on her spleen, which required urgent surgery. Local hospitals quoted us at between $11,000-$15,000 for the procedure, which we couldn’t afford. Anicira vets did the procedure for a fraction of that estimate and the biopsy came back negative! If it weren’t for this place we would have had no option for Lucy except euthanasia. The place is amazing and the people who work there are angels.”

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