Adopter Gets Amazing Tattoo of ‘Two-Faced’ Rescue Dog

Since she was adopted in August of 2017, Quinn has her whole family wrapped around her paw. So much so, that her mom, Teressa, got a tattoo featuring her! 

Quinn’s unusual markings are what attracted her family originally. She was one of a litter of 12 but her half-light and half-dark face made her stand out.

“All of her siblings were adorable, but Quinn’s markings were just so striking,” said Teressa. “I brought my sons, Walker and Brody, to meet her, and the boys and I just melted when we saw her in person.” 


Teressa, a lifelong animal lover who works as a veterinary assistant, wanted to get a full sleeve tattoo with flowers, her garden, and pets. With ideas and inspirational pictures in tow, she met with artist Johan Ulrich at Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

“[Johan] drew this amazing design which includes Bowie, my kitty, sneaking through the garden of flowers on my lower arm, and Quinn, nestled in colorful flowers on my upper arm. There is also a gorgeous Emperor moth, a butterfly, a caterpillar, and a red throated hummingbird hiding in the garden” said. Teressa. 

Johan created a gorgeous work of art, that perfectly showcases my love of animals and I get to wear it everyday!”

There is no question that Quinn is living her absolute best life. Weighing a whopping 75 pounds, she enjoys being cuddled, spooned, or sleeping across her family’s laps. One of her favorite activities is to cuddle up to her human brother and ‘oversee’ his school work.

“She is the happiest, sweetest, most gentle girl. She has never had a bad day. This girl is always happy” says Teressa. 

Quinn’s joy for life is contagious! 

“She also does this adorable thing where when she is sound asleep, she will suddenly wake up happy, out of the blue, wagging her tail excitedly and giving kisses.  It is the sweetest thing.”

Quinn, congratulations on your happily ever after!