The Tail of Two Kitties

Tiny black neonate kitten sits on the shoulder of an Anicira team member

No two days are the same at Anicira Veterinary Center. Our team sees the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

Some days are filled with sadness; like the day a beautiful tabby named Diesel arrived. Diesel’s family returned home and noticed he was covered in blood and had an open wound. Upon examination, they discovered he had been shot and still had the bullet in his shoulder. His family rushed him to Anicira for immediate treatment. Luckily – if you can use that word in a case like this – the bullet did not damage any vital organs and our team was able to remove it without issue. Despite the horrific crime committed against him, Diesel was an incredibly sweet patient and fully recovered from his injuries.

Other days inspire hope. Mama Cat recently had a litter when her caregivers found a lonely orphaned kitten. She took the kitten in and fed him as if he was her own. Mama Cat was spayed at Anicira, and her adopted baby spent the day cuddling our team members.

Every day, we remain committed to providing the best possible care for every pet that enters our hospital, no matter their circumstance. And we’re rewarded by witnessing amazing recoveries and seeing the love people have for their nonhuman family members. We’re grateful to be a small part of your family’s life.

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