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Affordable Foreign Body Removal Surgery

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Pet exploratory surgery is $2055. Preventive care services such as vaccinations, testing, and microchipping are also available at the time of surgery. Preanesthetic blood work is $150 and may be necessary before surgery. Click here to learn more.

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Compassionate Care

Your pets are our passion. We treat every pet like our own.

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High-Quality Surgical Care

Our experienced team of animal lovers provides high-quality surgical care focusing on your pet's comfort.

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Affordable Prices

Anicira is a non-profit dedicated to keeping veterinary care accessible and affordable.

What Clients are Saying

Very friendly staff, the vet took the time to tell us everything about the operation and answer all of our questions!

My dog had a mass on his back leg and I took him to our local vet. They wanted to charge me over $4,000 for surgery to remove it. I found Anicira online through a Google search and was able to get him in quickly. For the same procedure, I ended up paying 1/4 of what the local vet wanted. The Dr and staff were very professional and I was happy to leave my dog in their care. No problems with surgery and our dog is happy and healthy. Would definitely recommend.

It is always a scary concept to leave your dog there and wait for the call no matter how intense the surgery. The moment I called and talked to them I felt taken care of. I felt a strong sense of urgency to get my dog taken care of and I didn't feel brushed off. I had to drive 2 hours to get there. When I actually arrived I felt like my dog and I were in good hands. The staff was amazing. And when we got to speak to Doctor Megan I felt like she was the hero we needed. All concerns we had were addressed and she took the time to listen to us. Surgery went well. Doctor Megan took time to call and talk about the surgery and I picked him up and he looked good. I am beyond thankful to everyone there. I am thankful for the help. Thank you so much.

Exploratory Foreign Body Removal Surgical Care includes:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical examination
  • Individualized general anesthetic plan based on age, body type, breed
  • Patient warming system
  • Anesthetic vital sign monitoring by licensed professional care team members to include blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, EKG medication to ensure that our patients remain comfortable both during and after the procedure
  • Additional medications, antibiotics, and E-Collar if necessary
  • Follow-op exam if necessary


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