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The cost of cat and dog eye removal surgery costs $815 for one eye and $1225 for both eyes. AAHA-accredited animal hospital meaning we are held to highest standard of excellence. Preventive care services such as vaccinations, testing, and microchipping are also available at the time of surgery. Preanesthetic blood work is $130 and may be necessary before surgery. Click here to learn more.

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Your pets are our passion. We treat every pet like our own.

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Our experienced team of animal lovers provides high-quality surgical care focusing on your pet's comfort.

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Anicira is a non-profit dedicated to keeping veterinary care accessible and affordable.

What Clients are Saying

All of the staff I encountered from calling to schedule my cat Lily's spay appointment, to bringing her in for the appointment— were knowledgeable, helpful and sincerely nice. I would recommend this location to anyone for their pets needs :) Very helpful in answering any questions I had and I felt very comfortable bringing my cat in for her surgery

I had a WONDERFUL experience here at Anicira. My fur baby Syrus was having trouble urinating after having a urinary blockage days before. I could not afford to proceed with the $4,000 treatment plan recommended by ER vets and was told to euthanize my beloved cat. I had hope, and opted not to euthanize my pet but pay to have his bladder emptied and monitor his progress. A few days later he was not producing enough urine so I contacted Anicria. Their response was very quick and they blocked off a time for him to be seen with time for surgery, if needed. Anicira offered to do the same procedure for $2,000. They offer payment plan options and are very helpful if you can not pay the cost right away. The staff at Anicira were very informative and helped me come up with a preventative care plan to reduce the chance of another blockage. Thankfully, He hadn’t re-blocked but the medication given to him by the emergency animal hospital was too strong for him so, he was given a lower dose of medication. He is now doing alot better since he is alert enough to actually get up and is now on a strict wet food only diet. He is still not 100% himself but he is ALIVE. Thank you guys so much for giving my little guy the care he needed. I plan to donate to this facility once I become financially able to do so!

Very happy with every aspect of my experience with Anicira. Treated my girl very well, provided a comprehensive breakdown to me regarding post-op care. Clean and respectful staff, excellent care, phenomenal prices. Being affordable enabled me to get the proper care for my dog in a timely fashion.

Eye Enucleation Surgical Care includes:

  • Pre-anesthetic physical examination
  • Individualized general anesthetic plan based on age, body type, breed
  • Patient warming system
  • IV catheter and fluid therapy, if necessary
  • Anesthetic vital sign monitoring by licensed professional care team members to include blood pressure, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, temperature, EKG medication to ensure that our patients remain comfortable both during and after the procedure
  • Additional medications, antibiotics, and E-Collar if necessary
  • Follow-op exam if necessary


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