Sustaining Donations

Sustaining Donations

Help make a difference every month by joining Anicira’s Faithful Friends Monthly Giving Club!

Think about what you spend $5 or $10 on each month – Coffee? A couple of lunches? What about $20? $50? $100?

Can you help support Anicira’s lifesaving work instead?

Over a year, your monthly donation could…

  • Spay a rescue cat ($5/month)
  • Transport 5 dogs to Anicira from underresourced shelters in southwestern Virginia ($10/month)
  • Provide complete TNR services to 5 feral cats ($20/month)
  • Treat a large dog for heartworm disease ($50/month)

It is easy to sign up and easy to suspend at any time if needed. Each month your designated amount will be transferred from your credit/debit card. No more writing checks or paying for postage! You can also participate at a higher giving level by spreading your donation out over 12 months.

As a member of the Faithful Friends Monthly Giving Club, you will receive special recognition in our newsletter and we will mail you an Anicira car magnet. Plus you’ll have the knowledge that every month, you’re helping animals in need and saving lives.