About Adoption Center

When Anicira’s veterinary practice moved to Medical Avenue in January 2017, we retrofitted our previous building into an animal shelter!

Licensed and inspected by the state, we use the facility to house dogs in our adoption program who are between foster homes. We prefer to have every animal in a foster home because it is less stressful, they get more socialization, and more one-on-one attention. However, there are times that a foster can no longer care for a particular animal and the Animal Adoption Center is a soft landing place until another foster can be found.



Anicira's Dog Play Yard and Sensory Garden

In 2019, Anicira built a play yard and sensory garden for the dogs in our care.  It features a large fenced and secure outdoor garden with tunnels, fun plants, puppy pool, water fountain and outdoor seating area for our volunteers.


Our Achievements


Dogs rescued from under-resourced shelter and communities, since 2016

10,800 meals

Number of nutritious meals provided in 2019


Life saving rate for animals in our adoption program.


Anicira Animal Adoption Center
910 N Liberty St
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
(540) 217-2512
-Closed due to the Corona Virus Pandemic-